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   Rod & Keryn Christensen  Christensen's Music & Learning

Christensen's Music & Learning are a company dedicated to bringing music to people of all ages. Their background in music teaching and performing spans over 30 years and includes owning and operating many successful music teaching schools throughout south east Queensland, presenting children's entertainment and workshops at early childhood centres and children's events, and providing amateur and professional entertainment for venues, events and private & business functions.

The teaching is done by Rod Christensen who is a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist. Rod has also taught for Education Queensland but left of his own accord due to his discontentment with the school music programs.

Keryn Christensen is also a musician and works with Rod on the production of music learning material, lesson scheduling, and presenting music related workshops and performances. 

Rod and Keryn are both blue card holders for working with children.

Christensen's music learning centre at Buderim has been established since 1995, offering music classes and tuition for all the popular instruments and catering for children and adults of all ages. Their  'Music Discovery' classes are very exclusive and an ideal way for young children to make a start with music.

What's Different About Christensen's Approach To Learning Music

The traditional approach to learning music with most teachers and schools has been to focus solely on the reading of music. Christensen's recognize the importance of a player also developing their natural 'ear', rhythmic and creative abilities which can be inhibited and even suppressed with only learning the reading music. 

Christensen's balance all aspects of learning music so that players become more complete musicians ! With younger children we initially concentrate on developing their 'ear', feel and rhythmic abilities and prepare them well for the reading of music later with fun theory quizzes and games. 

Check out our blog  'What Is A Complete Musician' 


    Christensen's teaching studio is centrally located at Buderim and subsequently we have students coming to us from all over the Sunshine Coast.

    Full teaching address :   'Alcooringa Centre'  176 Ballinger Road, Buderim. (just near the Wanderers Soccer Club)

    Please do not enquire at our teaching address !  All enquiries and bookings are handled through our office ( see Contact Page).

    Enrolment Basis

    Most lessons are booked on a term basis or for the remainder of a term. However casual lessons can be arranged in certain circumstances.  (eg an adult shift worker)  A paid trial lesson is available for children so parents can see how they go before committing for a term's remainder.


    Please see the relevant pages for details  (links opposite)

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