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 Christensen's Music & Learning                       
       Established over 20 years at Buderim

Musical Instrument Tuition 

Children 9 to 17yrs

For younger children see  Instrument Tuition 6 to 8yrs

  Christensen's teach Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Keyboard / Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and Violin. The teacher is Rod Christensen who is a multi-talented musician and music teacher with over 30 years experience. (see 'About Us' page)  

We offer both small group classes and individual lessons although we recommend our group classes which are very successful and provide children with as much content as they can handle at a given time.

Christensen's have an innovative approach and learning material with play-along accompaniments to develop children's natural 'ear', feel and rhythmic abilities as well as reading abilities relative to their instrument. Music theory is approached through constructive and fun quiz material.

Recent parent's comments in an email to us:

"Hi Rod, Josh is really enjoying his lessons. I'm looking forward to also sending Jennifer back eventually and maybe my littlest Toby (nearly 6) when we feel we can afford it. You are definitely an inspirational music teacher and I love your different approach"
                                                                                    Cheers  Lucy

See our blog .. 'What Is A Complete Musician'

Christensen's Family Music Classes    Christensen's Teenage Guitar Classes  

  Christensen's Saxophone Lessons   Christensen's Violin and Guitar Class   

Christensen's Piano Tuition    Christensen's Music & Learning 

Guitar student performance at Christensen's Gig

Students who learn with Christensen's stay with Christensen's !

Alexander (in the rear of this pic) learnt guitar from us for  7 years and now plays in bands and has gone on to a career with a music production company !

Instrument Rental  is available at reasonable rates so parents can see how their children progress before buying an instrument.

Small Group Classes - Recommended !

In our small group classes we take 2 to 3 children maximum per group. The advantage with our group classes is that children learn the playing skills on their instrument and at the same time develop musicianship skills at playing along with other young musicians. We can also mix the instruments within a class using instrument compatible learning material specially prepared by Christensens. Sometimes we can accommodate siblings in the same class depending on their age and level.

Class Duration & Times

Each lesson is 30 minutes in duration. Class times vary but are generally held on week-day afternoons and evenings. Many of our classes become fully booked so we ask parents to be as flexible as you can with days and times to help us accommodate your child.


Lesson fees are payable on a term basis or for the remainder of a term, on or before the first lesson. Lesson fees exclude books or learning material. Payment arrangements can be made in certain circumstances. 

Term 2 2019 is now underway and ends 26th June and yes you can enrol during a current term.

Small Group Classes 

    8 to 9yrs :    2 to 3 children per class - $28 per 30 minute lesson ( x weeks in term ) 

   10 to 12yrs :    2 to 3 children per class - $29 per 30 minute lesson ( x weeks in term )

   13 to 17yrs :    2 to 3 children per class - $30 per 30 minute lesson ( x weeks in term )

    Individual Lessons 

          $38 per 30 minute lesson ( x weeks in term )

    Studio Location

    Christensen's teaching studio is located at the Alcooringa - Fusion Centre,  176 Ballinger Road, Buderim. (near the Wanderers Soccer Club)  A children's play area and toilet facilities are available at the centre.

    Please note this is our teaching premises only and all enrolments and enquiries should be directed to our office. (see below)

    Enquiries and Enrolments

    Office:  5494 7502    Keryn:  0418 159408  or  email

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