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Christensen's Music & Learning

  Established over 20 years at Buderim

 Early Childhood Music

'Music Discovery' Classes

Fun and Creative small group classes to give young children hands-on experience with musical instruments and introduce them to essential basics of music theory.

Much More than Tap & Dance - only 4 children maximum per class ! 


About The Classes ..

Musical Instrument Content

Children learn basic playing skills on instruments within their physical capability and are also introduced to a range of other instruments. 

Instruments include Keyboard, Guitar, Bass GuitarBanjo, UkuleleViolin, Cello, Glockenspiel, Recorder,  Harmonica, Pan Flute, Flageolet (tin whistle), MelodicaPiano AccordionClarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion Instruments, Drums and Singing (through a microphone).

Each lesson focuses on a different instrument within a term and some instruments vary from term to term. 

All instruments are supplied by Christensen's and parents do not need to buy or hire any instrument for their children to attend the 'Music Discovery' classes.

Music Theory & Other Content

Lessons also include activities to teach children about common music theory & symbols, and help develop their natural musical 'ear',  rhythmic abilitiesand musical expression. These activities vary from lesson to lesson.

Home Activity Sheets

Home activity sheets are supplied to the children at each lesson to consolidate what they learn. These are fun quizzes and drawing sheets which the children love doing. There are 3 levels of activity sheets to suit children's individual age and comprehension level. (some parental assistance may still be required with younger children)

Band Day Lesson

The last lesson of each term is a band day where the children play along together on different instruments so they are learning musicianship skills and developing confidence at playing with others right from a very young age. 

Age Suitability

Our classes cater for children from 3 to 7 years. Ages can be mixed within a class so we can accommodate siblings in the same class if there are sufficient vacancies.

Class Duration & Times

Each lesson is 30 minutes in duration. Class times vary but are generally held on week days between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. Many of our classes become fully booked so we ask parents to be as flexible as you can with days and times to help us accommodate your child.

Pay For One Trial Lesson First

Although enrolments are on a term basis parents can initially enrol their child and pay for just one trial lesson to satisfy themselves on our classes before committing for the term or term's remainder. 


All fees are payable by the term or term's remainder on or before the first lesson. Payment arrangements can be made in certain circumstances. 

Term 2 2019 is now underway and ends 26th June and yes you can enrol during a current term.

Fees per age bracket :     Remember .. only 4 children maximum per class !

3 to 4yrs:  $25 (x wks in term)5 to 6yrs:  $26 (x wks in term);  7 yrs$27 (x weeks in term)

Home activity sheets and folders are included at no extra cost  !

Studio Location

Alcooringa & Fusion Centre, 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim. (near the Wanderers Soccer Club)  There is also a children's play area and toilet facilities at the centre.

Please note that this is our teaching premises only and all enrolments and enquiries should be directed to our office. (see below)

Enquiries and Enrolments

Office:  5494 7502    Keryn:  0418 159408  or  email

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