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Rod Christensen
'Discovering Musical Instruments' Show

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Show Pic - Rod/Keryn on Staff

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About The Show   

The 'Discovering Musical Instruments' show offers educational and fun-packed children's entertainment at it's best. The presenter Rod Christensen is a multi-talented musician, singer, song writer and children's entertainer. 

Rod takes children on a captivating musical journey as he introduces many different musical instruments with creative live performances, guessing games about instruments, comedy, and children's on-stage participation in songs that reflect different styles of music. Children are continually engaged throughout the whole presentation.

All songs performed are Rod's originals including songs from his children's album 'Discovering Musical Instruments'. Rod performs the songs to high quality pre-recorded accompaniment. 

Instruments presented vary according to the event or circumstances but usually include Saxophones (soprano, alto & tenor), Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar and Drums. 

Rod is assisted on-stage by his wife Keryn with backing vocals, organizing children involvement and stage management. Rod and Keryn are both blue card holders for working with children.

The purpose of the show presentation is to educate children about musical instruments in a way that is entertaining and memorable for children, and above all inspires children to music. 


The full show presentation is approx. 60 minutes but can be modified to suit the event or circumstances.

Venue Suitability

The show is suitable to most children and family events and venues including festivals, markets, community events, shopping centres, schools and early childhood centres.

Stage Size, Set-up & Pack-up Times

These are factors that can vary according to the show duration or circumstances and can be clarified as necessary.

Play-Along (optional)

A young children's play-along can be included at the end of a show to give children a hands-on experience at playing children size instruments such as keyboard, guitar, ukulele, glockenspiel, violin, drums & percussion. Children play along with Rod playing guitar and singing popular and original children's songs. A play-along is suited to children 3 to 9yrs. Maximum number 20 children. Duration approx. 30 minutes.


Fees depend on show duration, number of presentations required, whether a workshop is be included and the location of the event or venue. Individual quotes are given accordingly !

Previous Performances include :

 ~ Gold Coast Australia Day Festival

~ St. Mark's Primary School Inala

~ Noosa Fair Shopping Centre

~ St James Primary School Tweed Coast

~ Crystal Waters Community Maleny

~ Bambini Early Childhood Centre Caboolture


Live Pics & Reviews

At St James Primary School we presented 2 shows catering for grades pre-prep to six. The shows were well received by an audience of enthusiastic and responsive school children and was well worth the long trip down to the Tweed Coast.


St James 4    St Jaames 5

St James 6      St James 1      

Comments by the music teacher at St James Primary School:

'A HUGE thank you to Rod and Keryn for travelling from the Sunshine Coast to give St James’ students the gift of their ‘Discovering Musical Instruments Show’. The students LOVED the show! An engaging, interactive and educational show performed by true professionals. Your commitment to children’s music education is greatly appreciated and many students are now considering learning a musical instrument. Thank you for inspiring us! ' 

Megan Robinson - Teacher at St James Primary School

Scaled down presentations at Buderim Kindy, Flinders Early Learning Centre, Milford Lodge and C&K Kuluin :

Rod Christensen Musical Instrument Demo           Children playin Musical Instruments

Children Playing Musical Instruments 2       Children's Instrument Demonstration 1

Comments by the Director at the Flinders Early Learning Centre ..

' The children really enjoyed this educational and joyful music demonstration and play-along facilitated by Rod and Keryn Christensen. Our FELC teachers thought this was one of the best interactive presentations the children have participated in. Rod & Keryn are great teachers and really knew how to captivate and draw the children into the musical world. Our young 3, 4 and 5 year olds were engaged during the whole duration. 
The children learnt the names of a variety of instruments and had the opportunity to actually play and experience these instruments in the workshop. The small easy to use instruments invited the children to have a go and feel the beat as they played, sang and danced. Many of the children are now keen to continue exploring the world of music. '

Vivienne Walsh - Director

Schools & Early Childhood Centres

Student Numbers 

Larger schools who would like all or most of their students to see the show, may wish to consider booking more than one show performance catering for different grades, to enable children to receive maximum benefit from the show. More information and recommendations on student numbers can be given on request.

Parent/Carer Contribution

Schools/Centres may wish to seek a contribution from parents/carers towards the cost of shows, in which case Christensen's can provide information for parents/carers by either :

    - an email link to the show information page on our website for parents/carers, or
    - a leaflet in pdf format for hard copy distribution to parents/carers

    Please note that Christensen's fee is irrespective of parent/carer contributions, and irrespective of the number of students attending a show performance.

    Optional Play-Alongs

    Christensen's can also present optional children's Music Workshops. 

    For schools we present a range of workshops. See the  Workshops for Schools Page.

    CD & Print Music for Schools

    All of the songs performed at the 'Discovering Musical Instruments' show are available to Schools in print music (music notation) transposed for most instruments, and also on CD. For full information and costs go to the Print Music & CD Page.

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