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From a recent wedding :

 ''Hi Rod  How are you?  I hope you are well.

We would like to thank you very much for performing so well at our wedding. People commented how good you guys were and they wanted to know how we found you.
Hope to see you again one day since we haven't had enough of hearing your music yet."

Kind regards,

Imas & Tim

From the manager Maleny Up Front Club :

' Hey Rod .. I enjoyed the way you draw influences from different styles of music. You guys really kept the crowd stimulated and you held their attention for the full 3 sets.'

From a recent private function :

Hi Rod,

' Just wanted to thank you for making my party such a raging success.  The music that you played was wonderful, and very well received.
I think almost every party guest danced at least once during the course of the evening.
Some of us just kept dancing the night away.

I had a lot of congratulations from friends about how good the music was, and a lot of 
" where did you find them, they're so good".
Even a week later friends are still telling me what a great party it was!!
Hope that you enjoyed yourselves, because we certainly did !!! '

Thanks Again .. Sharon

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