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Buderim, Mooloolah & Maleny Areas
Woodwind Instruments

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Woodwind instruments are our specialty ! These include saxophones, clarinets, bass clarinets, flutes, piccolos, oboes. 

We offer a free assessment service which is carried out in our workshop with special equipment and magnified lighting so we can ascertain exactly what work your instrument requires. We then get back to you with a cost estimate before proceeding.

Our standard hourly rate is $45
and all work carries a 3 months guarantee ! 

Turn around time is usually a few days unless an instrument requires major work or we need to order parts. We don't leave a 'stone unturned' to ensure instruments are returned in top playing order !

Feel free to phone Rod on 0407 131215 to discuss your requirement. Alternatively you can  Email

What We Do:

General Service
  • clean and remove excessive grime and fluff from the instrument
  • unscrew, dismantle (where necessary) and oil all key mechanisms
  • unscrew, oil and reset fine adjustments screws 
  • unscrew and oil body screws and screws to cover plates
  • check all springs and oil, reset tensions and replace (if necessary)
  • check all key corks and felts throughout and repair or replace as necessary
  • check goose neck and joiner corks and replace if necessary
  • check all pads for seating, looseness and sticking and repair or replace as necessary
  • apply pad treatment if required to improve seating and extend pad life
  • regulate keys and mechanisms as necessary to ensure all are functioning correctly
  • repair bent keys (if necessary)
  • refix mechanism mounts to the instrument body (if necessary)
  • cleaning or adjusting connecting body parts or barrels
  • adjusting and refining tenons (for flute headjoints only)
If required we can also re-polish and sterilize instruments. 

Flute Repair and Service
We try to avoid pad replacement unless it is absolutely necessary to keep your costs down. With the use of a special leak light inserted into the instrument we are able to ascertain leaking pads. Sometimes only a partial re-pad may be necessary but sometimes a total re-pad is needed. We will discuss this with you first before proceeding with any major re-padding.
Please note:  We only replace pads with premium quality pads !

Total Overhaul
This can be necessary for older instruments or instruments that haven't been serviced for many years. You can't beat the quality in many of the older instruments and a complete overhaul can give an instrument a whole new 'lease of life'.

A recent example of our work:

This saxophone is over 50 years old. We completely overhauled it .. dismantled all mechanisms, sterlized it throughout, re-polished the entire instrument including key mechanisms, and gave it a full re-pad and service including freeing-up and oiling all mechanisms and screws, replacing key corks and felts, attention to springs, and regulating the key mechanisms to achieve maximum playing function. 
It now plays as good as a new instrument and might even go another 50 years ! 
              Saxophone Repair and Service

We have locations for drop-off and collection of instruments at Buderim and Mooloolah/Maleny area but days and times vary at each location so please phone or email us to arrange .. thank you.

Rod  0407 131215 or  Email

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