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Children's Music Workshop

'Discovering Musical Instruments'

  Ideal for Children's Events & Venues, Festivals, Shopping Centres, Markets

Presented by Rod & Keryn Christensen from Christensen's Music & Learning

For Children 3 to 9 years.    

( for Early Childhood Centres please see the Instrument Demonstrations & Play-Alongs page)

( for Schools please see the Workshops for Schools page)

Duration:  3minutes     Participants: 20 children maximum

This is a popular children's workshop and an ideal activity for many children's events and venues ! 

The workshop is a great opportunity for children to gain a hands-on experience at playing a whole range of musical instruments. Children are shown basic playing skills on instruments that are within their physical capabilities such as Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard, Violin, Glockenspiel, Drums and Percussion. The children play along with Rod playing guitar and singing popular and original children's songs.

At a workshop children also experience and become aware of different styles of music, musical expression, beat & rhythm and musical pitch. 

Christensen's have been presenting the 'Discovering Musical Instruments' workshop for many years and children are guaranteed to have a memorable and educational experience. All instruments and equipment are supplied by Christensen's. Rod and Keryn are both blue card holders for working with children.  

Costs depend on how many workshops are presented per day or per event, and whether shows and instrument demonstrations are also presented in conjunction with workshops. 

Please contact Rod or Keryn for a quote.  Phone or Email

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