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Specialising in all service and repair work for your Wind or Brass Instrument.

Your service technician is Rod Christensen who also plays and teaches wind and brass instruments. This means after he completes work on an instrument he plays all the notes throughout to fully ensure it is in optimum playing condition. Furthermore Rod gives 3 months guarantee on his instrument service work so you have the added piece of mind knowing that the job has been done properly. His hourly rate is just $55 (some repairers are up to $70 p/hr). Rod also does free assessments on instruments and can provide a cost estimate prior to proceeding with any work. Whether it’s just a minor repair or a full service that you require, Rod’s the right man for the job !

Contact Rod now, or read on, or check out his Videos on Caring For Your Wind Instrument

We have drop-off and pick-up locations at Buderim and Mooloolah.

A Routine Wind Instrument Service includes:
  • cleaning around all mechanisms
  • cleaning corrosion from sound holes to ensure good pad seating
  • loosening and oiling all mechanism screws and shafts to prevent corrosion and seizing of mechanisms
  • loosening and oiling all screws to the body and cover plates to prevent seizing
  • assessing pads and pad seating with a leak light and repairing or replacing if necessary
  • checking all key corks and felts and repairing or replacing to ensure correct function of mechanisms
  • checking and repairing (if necessary) gooseneck cork (saxophones), or joiner corks (clarinets)
  • buffing connections between components to eliminate excessive tightness or looseness
  • ensuring the octave mechanism is functioning correctly (very critical)
  • reducing excessive key noise on mechanisms if necessary
  • giving attention to spring tensions throughout and adjusting if necessary
  • repairing bent or damaged mechanisms if necessary
  • play and test all notes to make sure the instrument is in spot-on playing condition !
  • sterilizing the mouthpiece (if required), and instrument body (if required)
A Routine Brass Instrument Service includes:
  • freeing seized valves and slides (if necessary)
  • freeing seized mouthpiece from body (if necessary)
  • disassembling all valves and slides and checking components
  • cleaning and buffing all slides, valves and valve chambers
  • sterilizing the instrument throughout
  • applying slide grease to all slides
  • applying valve oil to all valves
  • re-assembling all valves and slides
  • checking the water key cork and replacing (if necessary)
  • playing and testing to insure all is good !
replacing pads in flutes
Pad Assessment

Assessing wind instrument pads is an important part of a service to ensure notes play easily and without restriction. Rod uses a special leak light for this purpose.

Instrument Overhauls and Repadding

Many older wind and brass instruments can be well worth undergoing a complete overhaul and re-pad (if a wind instrument). The quality in older good brand instruments is unsurpassed and the cost for overhauling an instrument can be way less than the replacement cost of a new equivalent instrument. Rod can assess your instrument and advise in this regard. 

Check Out This 60 Year Old Saxophone Overhaul

At Commencement

This old King saxophone was in very poor condition with pads badly worn and mechanisms malfunctioning.

King Saxophone Repairs and Overhaul
King Saxophone Overhaul - Christensen's
Pad Replacement Necessary

The saxophone needed to be completely disassembled, all the old pads taken out and replaced with new pads, plus lot’s of other repair work.

Overhaul Complete

In addition to the overhaul the sax had a complete polish and now it looks almost like new. It certainly plays like new .. in fact it plays even better than some new saxophones these days !

Saxophone Overhauled at Christensen's

Caring For Your Saxophone - More Videos Coming Soon !

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