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Lesson Fees & Enrolment Information

Term Dates – We are resuming for ‘In Person’ lessons at our Buderim studio in Term 3 from 13th July

All Lessons for all class categories are half hourly.

Music Discovery Class Fees (In Person):

One paid trial lesson is optional before committing for a term or term’s remainder.

 3 & 4 yrs $26 x weeks in term;   5 & 6 yrs $27 x weeks in term;   7yrs $28 x weeks in term.

Home Activity Material is included in the above fees.

Non Attendance Terms & Conditions (Music Discovery)

If we are advised in advance that your child is unable to attend a Music Discovery session we may be able to re-schedule the child if there is a vacancy in a class later that same week. However if we have no vacancy available then Rod (the teacher) will explain the instrument and relevant sheets to the child at the following week’s lesson. Please note we are unable to give refunds or credits for lessons unattended.

‘In Person’ Instrument Lesson Fees

One paid trial lesson is optional before committing for a term or term’s remainder.

Group classes (2 to 3 max):  6 to 7 yrs $28 x weeks in term;  8 to 9 yrs $29 x weeks in term;  10 to 12 yrs $30 x weeks in term;  13 to 16 yrs $31 x weeks in term.  

Individual Lessons:   6 to 12 yrs $38 x weeks in term;  13 to adults $39 x weeks in term.

‘Online’ (Individual) Instrument Lesson Fees :   

Children (up to 12 yrs) $29 x weeks in term;  Teens to Adults $35 x weeks in term.

Learning Material – Instrument Lessons 

Costs can vary from $29 to $49 per book (most have CD or MP3 accompaniments). This can be clarified when you enquire about enrolling.

Payment Conditions – Instrument Lessons

Please note our payment policy .. No Pay No Play !  Most lessons are on a term basis with term fees payable in full prior to commencement of a term or remainder of term. If you are unable to pay in full at commencement .. talk to us ! For adults we can arrange term or casual lessons to suit your circumstances. (eg. shift worker)

Non Attendance – Instrument Lessons

If we are advised in advance that you/your child is unable to attend a lesson we can usually offer a make-up lesson if a suitable time becomes available but this is not guaranteed. Please note that refunds or credits are not given for lessons unattended.

Location & Facilities

Our music teaching studio is located at the Alcooringa & Fusion centre Ballinger Road Buderim (just down the road from the Wanderers Soccer Club). Our studio is an air-conditioned and carpeted building at the rear right side of the centre. There are toilet facilities and a children’s play area at the centre. Please note .. this is our teaching premises only and all enquiries and bookings should be directed to Keryn at our office (see below). 


Q.  Why learn music at Christensen’s

A.  Christensen’s are very innovative and not ‘stuck in the old’ when it comes to teaching music. We produce much of our learning material ourselves which has developed from years of experience .. everything from fun and creative quiz material to song books with play-along accompaniments which helps develop a students natural ‘ear’, rhythm and improvisation abilities. When we teach music reading we explain the music theory thoroughly so students fully understand music signs, symbols and words (unlike most schools and many private teachers).

Q.  What is the duration and approximate times of the lessons.

A.  Each lesson is 30 minutes duration and classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings between (approx.) 3pm and 7pm. This can vary depending on class scheduling for the current term. 

Q.  Do Christensen’s teach instruments for all levels.

A.  Yes .. we teach beginners right through to more advanced players who wish to progress even further with their playing skills.

Q.  Which is better for children .. group or individual lessons.

A.  For children we recommend our group classes as children can only absorb so much in a lesson and they also enjoy the interaction with other children in a group class. There is also a synergy effect with group tuition (children feed off each other), so long as there are not too many participants in a class. Our Music Discovery classes are 4 maximum per class, and instrument classes are 3 maximum per class.

Q.  Can a children’s group instrument class consist of students learning different musical instruments.

A.  Yes we do mix different instruments sometimes within the same class as most of our learning material is compatible with varying instruments. Rod (the teacher) is a multi-instrumentalist and very experienced at teaching different instruments within the same group class.

Q.  Can more than one family member learn in the same group class.

A.  Quite often yes but this can depend on circumstances such as instrument, level and age compatibility.

Q.  Are individual lessons better for adults.

A.  Yes .. we find adults are more comfortable with and progress better having individual lessons. Term or casual lessons can be arranged for adults to suit their circumstances.

Q.  Does it matter what musical instrument a younger child learns.

A.  Firstly it’s important that a child learns the instrument that they like and are personally connected with, so long as it’s within their physical capability. Instruments such as keyboard, guitar, ukulele and violin are suited to young children. The only exception is violin where we recommend children don’t start until at least 7 years of age. There’s no rush .. you may wish to check out our Music Discovery Classes for your child !

Q.  Can you be too old to learn to play a musical instrument.

A.  Absolutely not. So long as a person is physically capable, you are never too old to learn to play a musical instrument.

Q.  Can we rent or buy an instrument through Christensen’s.

A.  Yes .. we have most musical instruments available for rental for our own students enrolled on a term basis. We do also sell instruments although for beginners we suggest renting initially.

Q.  Can parents see and observe their children at the lessons.

A.  Yes .. chairs are positioned just outside the studio for parents. However it is not possible for parents to come into the studio during lessons.

Q.  Do Christensen’s repair and service musical instruments.

A.  Yes. We offer service and repairs on most musical instruments, wind and brass being our speciality.

Keryn Christensen Music Lesson Enquiries and Administration
Contact Keryn to get started now !

54947502.  0418 159408.  Please do not text as we cannot communicate effectively and thoroughly via texting.