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Christensen’s trumpet lessons cater for children from 8 years, and also adults. Trumpet is without a doubt the number one brass instrument and has the versatility of being suited to many different styles of music.

We teach all levels of trumpet skills from total beginners to advancing players. For beginners the initial hurdle is being able to achieve a reasonable sound and to get to know the different note and trumpet valve positions.

When learning trumpet at Christensen’s, students often play from our own song books which are complete with excellent play-along accompaniments. This is particularly constructive for ‘ear’ development, rhythm and timing. In addition playing trumpet to music accompaniment makes you feel like you’re in a band when practicing at home.

Children's Trumpet Lessons Buderim

Children's Trumpet Lessons that offer a good balance in playing skills

At Christensen’s we offer group or individual trumpet lessons tailored to suit a child’s existing skill level. When teaching trumpet we give considerable attention to embouchure (blowing) technique, along with developing a child’s natural ‘ear’ and rhythm abilities, and the reading of music. Music theory is also taught so children easily understand and grasp the theory. This is achieved with fun quiz material. (theory is often overlooked by many teachers and schools)

We recommend our Small Group Trumpet Classes for Children

Children enjoy learning trumpet in a group class but it’s important that class sizes are not too big so each child still receives sufficient individual attention. We take 2 to 3 children maximum per class. Furthermore much of our learning material is compatible with other instruments so we can often mix different instruments within the same class. This is great for children’s musicianship skills and confidence for playing in a band. If a parent would prefer individual trumpet tuition for their child this can be arranged. Children’s lessons are all term based.

Note:  If your child is under 8 years they would be too young to learn a wind or brass instrument. For this age bracket we recommend Music Discovery, Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard, Violin. 
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Adult's Trumpet Lessons Buderim

Individual Trumpet Lessons for Adults that take you at your own pace !

Trumpet playing can have it’s challenges so we offer individual lessons which allow adults to progress at their own pace and to suit their present skill level. Whether you are a beginner trumpet player just wanting to play for your own fulfilment, or a more experienced player who performs in a band, Christensen’s lessons will ensure you achieve your musical pursuit. Term or casual lessons can be arranged to suit your circumstances. 

Trumpet Rental

Trumpet rental is available for students enrolled for ‘in-person’ lessons on a term basis. If you would prefer to buy a trumpet we also sell instruments and can give you valuable guidance with your purchase. We can obtain good quality trumpets direct from reputable suppliers. However initially for beginners we recommend renting to see how you or your child progresses before buying.

Trumpet Rental Cost is $11 p/week. All rental is payable in advance by the term or term’s remainder.  

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Meet Rod

Rod Christensen Music Teacher - Music Classes

Co-owner – Trumpet Teacher

Rod  is a multi-instrumentalist with a lifetime of musical experience. As well as having taught music through his privately owned music schools, Rod’s had considerable experience as an instrumental music instructor in school music programs. In addition to his teaching experience, Rod has performed music professionally as a soloist and in duos and bands since his early teens, plus he’s presented a children’s music show demonstrating 10 different musical instruments, and has also been in the role of musical director of a 12 piece tribute band.

Above all Rod relates well to all ages with varying levels of experience, and explains instrument playing skills and music theory very clearly and thoroughly.

Meet Keryn

Keryn Christensen Music Lesson Enquiries and Administration

Co-owner – Enquiries & Bookings

Keryn  looks after all enquiries, bookings, student scheduling and invoicing. To contact her we recommend phoning as it’s always easier to discuss lesson days & times and other factors in person, but you are welcome to email if you prefer.    

Office:  5494 7502         Mobile:  0418 159408